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A professional mentoring program / Setting them up for success

Helping to create a greener city

Community service is one of the most important skills kids learn during the mentorship program. The city has Gino to thank for the new trees you see along the 2600 block of Belgrade Street. G-Team Racing is all about giving back to the community and wants to grow the seeds of service in the youth of the city, which we live in and love.

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Celebrate 70 yrs at the same family owned & operated location

1947 - 2017

Celebrate 70 yrs at the same family owned & operated location 1947 - 2017

G-Team has been in the mentoring program for over 5 years, working with El Centro in the Philadelphia area, giving underprivileged, broken home children the benefit of learning a skill to pave their way for career opportunities.  Our program gives the student a chance for a hands on experience.   We have three levels - Ground Level is observation (the student observes our technician on an ongoing job, taking notes, etc.); First Level is simple start (the student is given a small job shadowed by our technician monitoring and assisting if needed); Second Level is the hands on/work alone (the student is given a job to work on without the assistance of the technician).   We encourage questions and always make ourselves available to the student for assistance.  The length of time at each level depends on the individual student's ability.  


Being underprivileged they are not able to provide their own tools and uniforms.  For our program to continue and to expand to other area schools, we are asking your help in giving these kids the break they so deserve to make their way in society as part of the working force and become a major influence to others in their same situation.